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Please use the help form to let us know about issues you might be having with your iPad.
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(270) 298-3249

Information about remote management on your iPad

Good Tips and Hints (Click to visit the site)

How to clean the Survivor Case
The best way to clean Survivor is to use a clean, lint free cloth with warm water. Do not use anything caustic such as alcohol or other cleaners, as this can damage the case. Just make sure to let the case completely air dry before putting your device back into the Survivor case.

You have locked yourself out of your device
If you cannot enter your passcode after 5 attempts, your device will become temporarily disabled.  If you continue to enter the incorrect passcode, your device will become compltely disabled and ask you to connect it to iTunes.  Since your device is supervised by the Ohio County Technology department, this option will not work and your device will have to be returned to the Technology Department.  If you cannot unlock your device after 5 attempts, stop and ask someone (preferably a teacher) to e-mail a member of the technology department.  Have them include your information, such as your device name and e-mail address.  As long as your device has not become disabled, we should be able to remove the lock remotely.



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Apps For Education (click to visit the site)
Site includes links to various free and paid educational apps.  If you have suggestions for additional apps, please e-mail