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Special Programs 


Study Island

Study Island is an internet based instructional program that allows teachers to assist students in the mastery of state standards.  During the week, each student has the opportunity to work on this program in the areas of Reading, Math, Social Studies (8th grade), and Science (7th grade).  Teachers of Arts and Humanities and Practical Living classes have the option to use Study Island in their classrooms as whole group instruction, or if a computer lab is available, to use it in a lab setting. 

 Students may also work on this program at home, or anywhere internet access is available.  All the student needs to know is the Study Island website (www.studyisland.com), their Study Island username, and their password.  Encourage your child to do their very best on each skill: read the lesson before taking the test!  That will increase student achievement, and make school work a breeze!


Scholastic Reading Inventory

You may have heard your student say, “We had an SRI test, today.”  SRI stands for Scholastic Reading Inventory.  We use this computerized research-based program to monitor student progress in reading, and assess student reading levels.  The test is given five times a year to measure reading growth.


1.      In August

2.      At the end of the 1st nine weeks

3.      At the end of the 2nd nine weeks

4.      At the end of the 3rd nine weeks

5.      Finally, at the end of the school year

 We ask that each student take the Scholastic Reading Inventory seriously, so that we have accurate reading measures.  After the assessment is taken, students are shown his/her Lexile score based on the test data.  The student is then given a list of novels that would be appropriate reading, based on the Lexile score.  According to Scholastic, by placing both reader and text on the same scale, the Lexile Framework allows educators to forecast the level of comprehension a student will experience with a particular text.

 Below is a copy of the Lexile Map which lists the grades, sample book titles, and benchmark text that were used to correspond to each Lexile range.



 Individual Learning Plan

Every Ohio County student, beginning with the 6th grade through high school will complete an Individual Learning Plan or ILP each year he/she is enrolled in the Ohio County School District.  The completion standards are different for each grade, and the students must review and revise their ILP every year.  This is a wonderful tool to use because by the time the student is a junior or senior in high school, their resume is complete, and by simply the click of a button, it can be printed!  The ILP information is also a great source to use when applying for scholarships.  All organizations and activities that the student has been involved with since the sixth grade are on the Individual Learning Plan, and the students have access to that information.

Since this is a web-based program, students can use it anywhere internet service is available, simply by going to www.careercruising.com/ILP, then typing in their Career Cruising username and password.  Students can explore different career opportunities, colleges, and view the training needed for those particular jobs.  They can also see income levels related to their chosen field. 


 SRA Corrective Reading

SRA Corrective Reading is a research-based reading program designed to help students who may have difficulties associated with decoding words.  This program provides differentiated instruction that is appropriate for each student.  The lessons are taught through direct instruction.  Direct instruction simply means instruction that is a fast-paced, scripted method, which provides immediate feedback from teacher to the student, where everything is built on prior knowledge.

 According to the SRA McGraw-Hill Company, research shows that this type of cumulative development is the most effective method for teaching skills. If skills are learned, they should be automatic, thus the students are given plenty of practice, practice, practice throughout the program.  For more information about Corrective Reading, look online at www.sraonline.com, or call the school and ask us.  Please encourage your child to READ!


 Number Worlds

Number Worlds is new to the Ohio County Middle School this year, and we are so excited about this program!  It is an intensive intervention program that provides students with individualized instruction.  This research-based program is full of activities that build foundational math skills and makes math lessons fun to learn!  If you would like more information about Number Worlds, either call the school, or go to www.sranumberworlds.com.  Remember, math is important, it’s real-world…we use it every single day of our lives!