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Family Resource Advisory Council

Southern Family Resource Center

Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

February 27, 2015

Meeting called to order by Cindy Crowe at 3:18pm

Review minutes from December meeting- minutes approved

Financial Report

Expense report- discussed current budget, will need to do budget amendment in April for Welfare, General Supplies, and adding line item for software ; money that has been donated or raised by FRC has been managed by bookkeeper, FRC will be getting budget balance for this money as well

By-Law Revision

Motion was made by Kelsey Smith and seconded by Kanita Patton to change Article 7 Section 2 to read “The Family Resource Coordinator will serve as a liaison between the council and the Board of Education.” Information will be mailed to council members and the change will be voted on at the April 22 meeting

Continuation Program Plan

Action components were reviewed by members, changes noted were that a bus is now available for students to be taken to after school child care at Wayland Elementary

Old Business discussed

Christmas Assistance- FRC served 43 students; all who were referred were able to receive assistance due to community partners and parents

New Business discussed

Monitoring visit on March 10- Advisory council chair (Cindy Crowe) and Mahalie Cain will be among those interviewed

Blood Drive on March 20 from 10am-6pm- should be a good fundraiser for school

Stand Up to Bullying Week- Very Important Girls/Guys Day Out for 5th and 6th grade on that Friday; Kids On the Block sexual abuse prevention assembly on that Wednesday.

Next meeting scheduled for April 22 at 3:30pm

Meeting adjourned 4:02pm