Demonstrates Implementation of Technology

 The teacher uses technology to support instruction; access and manipulate data; enhance professional growth and productivity; communicate and collaborate with colleagues, parents, and the community; and conduct research.


 The extent to which the teacher:

 10.1          Operates a multimedia computer and peripherals to install and use a variety of software.

10.2          Uses terminology related to computes and technology appropriately in written and verbal communication.

10.3          Demonstrates knowledge of the use of technology in business, industry, and society.

10.4          Demonstrates basic knowledge of computer/peripheral parts and attends to simple
connections and installations.

10.5          Creates multimedia presentations using scanners, digital cameras, and video cameras.

10.6          Uses the computer to do word processing, create databases and spreadsheets, access electronic mail and the Internet, make presentations, and use other emerging technologies to enhance professional productivity and support instruction.

10.7          Uses computers and other technologies such as interactive instruction, audio/video conferencing, and other distance learning applications to enhance professional productivity and support instruction.

10.8          Requests and uses appropriate assistive and adaptive devices for students with special needs.

10.9          Designs lessons that use technology to address diverse student needs and learning styles.

10.10      Practices equitable and legal use of computers and technology in professional activities.

10.11      Facilitates the lifelong learning of self and others through the use of technology.

10.12      Explores, uses, and evaluates technology resources: software, applications and related documentation.

10.13      Applies research-based instructional practices that use computers and other technology.

10.14      Uses computers and other technology for individual, small group, and large group learning activities.

10.15      Uses technology to support multiple assessments of student learning.

10.16   Instructs and supervises students in the ethical and legal use of technology.