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  • Business Structure Business Structure

    Today, I would like you to take the quiz on business structures found in the BUSINESS STRUCTURE Folder. Please use book, internet, notes, etc. to get the correct answers. Submit and show tell me your score so I can record it in the book. Thankssmiley



    Please have your biography chosen by Friday Sept. 19th. Remember to pick someone of real interest since you will be writing about what you have read. Read thoroughly paying close attention to finding out what has made them successful. I have uploaded a "How to write a better essay" and a rubric. Look at these so as to help guide you through your thought process. Enjoy reading.

  • H&R Block Budget ChallengeH&R Block Budget Challenge

    The H&R Block Budget Challenge

    It's fun. It's free. And students love it. Participants encounter real-world personal budgeting situations, problem-solving, and decision-making through an online simulation and accompanying lessons that meet national standards. With sessions October through April, teachers have six opportunities to participate.


    This is great opportunity to learn the most useful skills you will need to survive life and relationships. HANDLING $$$$$!! 

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