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  • Kentucky Vocational StandardsKentucky Vocational Standards

    Vocational Studies

    2.36 Students use strategies for choosing and preparing for a career.

    2.37 Students demonstrate skills and work habits that lead to success in future schooling and work.

    2.38 Students demonstrate skills such as interviewing, writing resumes, and completing applications that are needed to be accepted into college or other postsecondary training or to get a job.

    3. Students shall develop their abilities to become self-sufficient individuals.*

    3.1 Students demonstrate positive growth in self-concept through appropriate tasks or projects.

    3.2 Students demonstrate the ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    3.3 Students demonstrate the ability to be adaptable and flexible through appropriate tasks or projects.

    3.4 Students demonstrate the ability to be resourceful and creative.

    3.5 Students demonstrate self-control and self discipline.

    3.6 Students demonstrate the ability to make decisions based on ethical values.

    3.7 Students demonstrate the ability to learn on one's own.

    4. Students shall develop their abilities to become responsible members of a family, work group, or community, including demonstrating effectiveness in community service.*

    4.1 Students effectively use interpersonal skills.

    4.2 Students use productive team membership skills.

    4.3 Students individually demonstrate consistent, responsive, and caring behavior.

    4.4 Students demonstrate the ability to accept the rights and responsibilities for self and others.

    4.5 Students demonstrate an understanding of, appreciation for, and sensitivity to a multicultural and world view.

    4.6 Students demonstrate an open mind to alternative perspectives.

    *Goals 3 and 4 are included in Kentucky statute as learning goals, but they are not included in the state's academic assessment program.

    5. Students shall develop their abilities to think and solve problems in school situations and in a variety of situations they will encounter in life.

    5.1 Students use critical thinking skills such as analyzing, prioritizing, categorizing, evaluating, and comparing to solve a variety of problems in real-life situations.

    5.2 Students use creative thinking skills to develop or invent novel, constructive ideas or products.

    5.3 Students organize information to develop or change their understanding of a concept.

    5.4 Students use a decision-making process to make informed decisions among options.

    5.5 Students use problem-solving processes to develop solutions to relatively complex problems.

    6. Students shall develop their abilities to connect and integrate experiences and new knowledge from all subject matter fields with what they have previously learned and build on past learning experiences to acquire new information through various media sources.

    6.1 Students connect knowledge and experiences from different subject areas.

    6.2 Students use what they already know to acquire new knowledge, develop new skills, or interpret new experiences.

    6.3 Students expand their understanding of existing knowledge by making connections with new knowledge, skills, and experiences.

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