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Guidelines for Athlete Arrival/Screening Process/Activity

Guidelines for Athlete Arrival/Screening Process/Activity

  • Athletes will arrive and remain in their car waiting to be screened

  • Screening can be performed by the head coach, or designated rep.

  • The Pre-Screen Worksheet must be completed (See Attached)

  •  All coaches and students should be screened daily for signs / symptoms of COVID-19 prior to participating, including a temperature check. Coaches or designated rep will perform the pre screening process following the safety sheet provided.  All temperatures should be logged on the sheet provided.

  • Athletes reporting no symptoms but a low grade fever may be allowed to retest after 5 minutes of sitting in a car with windows up and air conditioning on. (Hot temperatures outside can elevate a body temperature)

  • Only one opportunity to retest is allowed.

  • Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 degrees should not participate and be sent home and referred to the Covid-19 Hotline at 270-256-5535.  24/7 Access @ Ohio Co. Hospital.

  • Upon athletes exiting their vehicle they must have on a mask and immediately wash their hands or use hand sanitizer (Hand Sanitizer will be provided).

  • Athletes and coaches should be encouraged to use hand sanitizer or wash hands every 30 minutes.

  • Once athletes have washed their hands they can report to the designated area for their workout, but remain socially distant (6 feet apart) from others at this time they can remove their masks if they choose to and begin exercise.

  • Coaches will wipe down all equipment, and hard surfaces in between exercises and after each group.  Cleaning must be documented by the coach or designated rep on the attached cleaning log.

  • Parents or pick-up person is expected to be at the pick-up point at the designated time for the end of practice.