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Meet the Artist


Vincent Van Gogh was born in Holland (a country in Europe) in 1853. He became an art dealer like his uncle, but after several years, he lost interest in his profession. He tried to become a minister like his father, but eventually, Van Gogh became an artist.


     Unfortunately, Van Gogh was not recognized as a great artist until after his death. His first painting was Potato Eaters which he painted in 1885. Some of his most famous paintings are Starry Night, Sunflowers and Almond Blossoms. Van Gogh painted for about 10 years and painted approximately 900 paintings during those short years. Sadly, Vincent Van Gogh had lots of turmoil and difficulty in his life, and he died in 1890.

  1. What was Vincent Van Gogh's first profession?
  2. After trying to become a ______, Van Gogh became an _________.
  1. Which of the following was Van Gogh's first painting:

Sunflowers              Starry Night       Potato Eaters

  1. Approximately how many paintings did Van Gogh paint?