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ACT Prep Class

Mrs. Groves and Mrs. Brown
NTI Days 11-20


Non-Internet Users:

- Reading Log days 11-20
Every day we want you to read for 20 minutes. Make a Reading Log. Number your days 11-20 and write the title of what you read. It can be a print or online resource. Then, give a 1-3 sentence summary of what you read.

- FOUR passage analysis explanations
Twice a week (so 4 total for days 11-20), I want you to do your own version of “Circle Thursday” but just a little different. I’m giving you the reading passages and the answers. What I want you to do is explain why that answer is correct. So you will number your paper 1-10 and on each you will write out why that is the right answer. I’d like for you to label each question with the “question type” like what we’ve learned this year, but no worries if you can’t remember all of them.

Printable Copy of Instructions: /userfiles/1819/my files/act prep nti days 11-20 instructions.docx?id=24957

Printable Copy of Handouts: /userfiles/1819/my files/act prep nti days 11-20.pdf?id=24958


Internet Users:

If you have internet access, you can join the Google Classroom page: ujf3kkg
I am using a study software and will post activities there. You can choose whether you want to do paper work or internet work. :-)



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